Our first EDP, approved as 2014-1-NLOT-KA1O4-OOO26O, was based on our experiences under the Life Long Learning Programme, and our expectations regarding the Erasmus+ Programme. Now that Erasmus+ is on its way for one year, we are coordinating a Strategic Partnership project, we are partner in another Strategic Partnership project, we have, invited by the Dutch Erasmus+ NA, participated in the international monitoring seminar "Validation of non-formal and informal learning", and, invited by Euroguidance, we have contributed to a Study Visit with participants from Greece and Bulgaria. Also, on EU level some important developments took place; looking at our field of work, maybe the most important was the public consultation ''Towards a European area of skills and qualifications'' by the European Commission. We have taken notice of the results of this consultation.
With all this in mind, we have reviewed our first EDP, and discussed how the future of our foundation and its employees should look like, and what this means for our next EDP. We also looked at the weak points of our KA1 and KA2 applications Call 2014, to improve our application under Call 2015.

In this second EDP of EDOS Foundation, we look at the needs on organizational level as well as on personal level. Regarding the personal development we have defined 2 aims: improving the European added value of the training courses that we are offering in the framework of KA1, and paying more attention to personal development in our projects and training courses. To reach these aims, we plan to participate in:

- the training course “Promoting the European dimension in learning and teaching”, planned to take place in Italy. This training course is offered by ''The Education and Training Network''. This network offers courses for professionals in education and training, including staff and teachers/trainers in educational institutes of all levels, as well as staff from companies working in the field of education and training. The programme of each course includes professional visits to relevant companies and organisations, workshops and practical simulations. All courses are total immersion courses, as they are based on positive relational approaches to change, improve and learning. The training materials have been developed in the framework of European projects, they have been therefore tested and validated for their quality and European relevance.

-the training course ''Developing of selfmobility through insightful thinking'', planned to take place in Slovenia. This is a training course for professionals (guidance counsellors, coaches, educational counsellors), who are dealing with career issues under adult education. The course is structured as a mixture of educational elements, discusson, reflective approaches, and work exercises. The training course is offered by Centre Spiral - Center of Selfmobility Development, a private institute, established in 2001. The institute has been dealing with human resource field, with a focus on developmental issues for individuals and organizations. The institute has designed a developmental concept of selfmobility. It has been implementing the services of adult education, supervision, evaluation, career coaching. It participates in EU and domestic projects through research and evaluation activities.

Looking at the needs of the organization, we find it important that we develop a broader view on the validation of non formal and informal learning. It is not only a matter of developing tools and methods, but our work in this field should also be connected with other themes in the field of education and labour market, such as personalized learning. To develop this boraoder view, we plan to participate in the second ''VPL Biennale'', planned to take place in Denmark in April 2016. The VPL Biennale is a two yearly event. Experts, researchers, policy makers and people interested in VPL come together to discuss current developments in validation of prior learning and present their research, policies, methods and practices. The VPL Biennale is organised by VIA University College,  Denmark's largest university of applied sciences. It offers a wide range of educational programmes in areas, such as health, social education, technology, trade, design, business and animation. VIA is a certified holder of an ERASMUS+ charter. It is a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). 


This project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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