In this training course you will learn the basic skills for a trainer. We think the best way to learn these is to practice. So you’re not only participant but also one of the (guided) facilitators of this interactive training course.

Target group

• Adult education staff

• Adult education trainers

• Others who want to develop their trainers competences


• Awareness of the needed competences for a trainer
• Elaborating these competences for all participants till at least the basic level
• Awareness of the learning process of the participants of a training course
• Able to design a training course


Highlights of the program
• the learning process
• didactical methods
• training tools
• learning, learning styles
• group dynamics


Day to day
This training is based on the principles of learning by doing: After a short introduction all participants will prepare and facilitate a part of the course, guided by the trainers team.


Day 1

Introduction to the program, the trainers and participants.
Personal Action Plan.
Guiding a course group.
Dividing course topics and individual preparation of the program.


Day 2
Observing and feedback.
Motivation of participants.


Day 3
Designing a training program.
Presentation skills of a trainer.


Day 4
Communication in education.
Educational conversation.


Day 5
Evaluation as training tool.