The idea of the project has come from the need to increase volunteering opportunities outside of the EVS framework, often leaving all stakeholders in an EVS project (COs, SOs, HOs and volunteers) without any form of quality control, nor recognition. The long-term objective of Global Recognition (Glo.Re) is to value the importance of quality learning experiences following principles of Non-Formal Learning and Volunteering and to encourage its recognition as a mean to improve the employability of young people and their social cohesion. Moreover, the project aims at creating a platform for the recognition (based on the Youthpass for extra E+ activities and complementary to the Youthpass for activities under Erasmus+) and promotion of international volunteering experiences. The platform, to which diverse volunteering associations will be able to adhere, will guarantee high quality standards in hosting volunteers from all around the world. Volunteers will be guaranteed both in terms of living conditions and facilities, in monitoring and assessment of the competences acquired by participants through the experience of volunteering abroad.

The platform will be unique in the following ways:
1. advertising quality volunteer experiences (outside of Erasmus+) of the members of the network
2. allowing HOs to generate certificates to international volunteers
3. providing information for public on the certification system
4. providing information on quality standards for hosting volunteers

The Global Recognition will be an essential part of the project as it aims at providing certificates that the volunteers are both involved in completing themselves (like with Youthpass), both receiving feedbacks and recommendation letters by their Hosting Organisations, based on common quality standards and good practices shared within a network.

There has always been a large demand for volunteering opportunities, but there are more and more demands for quality experiences which will provide the volunteers with skills and competences that can be useful for their future employability, as potential employers want to see documentation that certifies their experience. The Global Recognition platform will provide the above to volunteers, host organisations, sending organisations and employers on different levels. The international volunteers will follow a learning process that will be monitored and evaluated throughout the period of voluntary work experience, and they will be sure to have a real chance to gain useful knowledge and skills for their future.

Project objectives:
- creation of an open network on international volunteering
- creation of a platform for certification multilingual with vacancies, video tutorials, generation of certificates
- definition of common quality standards for learning experience, living standards, monitoring, recognition and evaluation processes
- increase the awareness on recognition of volunteers at social, political and institutional level and to multiply it within the NGO
- increase capacity to provide learning experience in international volunteering and train others on it
- foster cooperation among partners and between Latin American and European organisations

At the end of the EVS all the figures listed above will cooperate for the implementation of the local conference, which will be also the occasion to describe the experience abroad of the EVS volunteers, giving a real life experience contribution to the debate.

Our partners in this project are Arajuno Road Project (Ecuador), Vive Mexico! (Mexico), My Small Help (Peru), Rota Jovem (Portugal), Service Volontaire International (SVI) (Belgium), Associazione di promozione sociale Joint (Italy).

This project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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